Two cops interdicted over the custodial death of 42-year-old woman at Welikada Police: Top Officer Involved In Cover-up?

Sudharma Nethicumara Sudharma Nethicumara

Two police officers have been interdicted over the incident in which a woman suspect was reportedly beaten to death while in custody at the Welikada police station.

The victim, identified as 42-year-old Raj Kumari, was arrested following a complaint lodged by Sudharma Nethicumara of the Salaka Group, who accused a domestic helper of stealing her gold chain. This tragic incident has occurred despite recent assurances from Inspector General of Police (IGP) C.D. Wickramaratne that there would be no more custodial deaths.

Following the distressing news, police sources reveals that IGP Wickramaratne has taken swift action by instructing the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) to conduct an inquiry into the custodial death of Raj Kumari. The IGP has also demanded the dismissal of all personnel present at the station who witnessed the assault but failed to intervene.

As the investigation unfolds, it has been disclosed that two police officers have been interdicted in connection with the custodial death of Raj Kumari at the Welikada police station. Additionally, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has commenced a criminal investigation into the matter. It has been alleged that Raj Kumari was not only arrested illegally but also subjected to a brutal beating that lasted for approximately five hours.

Furthermore, reports suggest that a very senior officer may have attempted to conceal the incident, indicating a potential cover-up within the police force. The gravity of the situation demands a thorough investigation to ensure accountability and justice for the victim.

This unfortunate incident raises serious concerns about the treatment of suspects in custody and the need for systemic reforms to prevent such tragedies from recurring. The IGP's assurance to the Supreme Court regarding custodial deaths has been called into question, emphasizing the urgency of implementing effective measures to protect the rights and well-being of individuals in police custody.