"Thirty Ministers are Enough to Run the Country": President Advocates for Limited Number of Cabinet Ministries

President Ranil Wickramasinghe emphasized the sufficiency of having only 30 cabinet ministries and suggested maintaining this structure in the future. Speaking at a meeting with Ministry Secretaries and Provincial Chief Secretaries held at the Presidential Secretariat, the President highlighted the need for consolidation and streamlining of ministries to optimize government operations.

President Wickramasinghe pointed out that local government and state administration, as well as Irrigation and Mahaweli, have already been merged under one ministry. He further stated that the aim is to bring plantation industries and agriculture under one ministry by the end of the year. Additionally, he expressed the importance of consolidating international trade and foreign affairs. The President urged for the initiation of this restructuring process without delay, noting that progress can be made in completing some of these changes by next year.

During the meeting, President Wickramasinghe stressed the significance of effectively implementing the government's policy program to achieve economic prosperity. He stated, "Today we have around 30 ministries. Let's limit it to that. We have already combined local government and public administration into one ministry. Irrigation and drainage have also been merged. The next step is to unite plantation industries and agriculture under a single ministry. International trade and foreign affairs should also be consolidated. This restructuring process should commence immediately, and we have the capacity to accomplish some of these changes by next year."

The President acknowledged the importance of adhering to the proposals set forth by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and highlighted the need to focus on implementing them to ensure economic stability. Additionally, he emphasized the necessity of formulating a comprehensive plan to repay the loans, stating that a rapid development program is essential for achieving this goal. The President outlined the target year of 2048 for the completion of this ambitious development plan.