Hirdiramani Factory In Meepe Faces Closure: 1080 Employees Facing Job Losses

In a significant blow to Sri Lanka's apparel sector, the Hirdaramani factory has announced its closure, potentially leaving 1080 workers unemployed. The decision to shut down operations primarily stems from a sharp decline in demand from key export markets.

Hirdaramani, one of the leading giants in the country's apparel industry, has been forced to take this difficult step due to the adverse effects of reduced demand. The closure of the factory is expected to have a profound impact on the livelihoods of the 1080 individuals employed at the plant.

The apparel sector, a crucial contributor to Sri Lanka's economy, has faced challenges in recent times, with declining demand and increased operational and production costs being significant factors. The closure of the Hirdaramani factory highlights the ongoing struggle faced by businesses in this industry, as they grapple with changing market dynamics and global economic conditions.