"Govt. Didn't Help Me In Customs Investigation: So I Voted Against Ruling Party": Ali Sabry Rahim Explains In Surprise Move In Parliament

In a surprising revelation, Puttalam District Councilor Ali Sabri Rahim has expressed his reasons for voting against the government, citing their failure to assist him during a troubling situation. Rahim's statement came in response to questions posed by journalists at the Parliament premises regarding his vote against the motion to remove Janaka Ratnayake, the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission.

Rahim arrived at the Parliament after facing arrest and subsequent payment of fines by customs authorities for attempting to bring nearly three and a half kilos of gold into Sri Lanka illegally.

When questioned by reporters about his surprise move in Parliament, he clarified that Ratnayake had not acted against him directly.

Maintaining his innocence in the customs case, Rahim explained that it was one of his staffers who had packed the bag containing the illegal gold. Unfortunately, he became entangled in the situation, leading to his arrest by customs officials. Despite informing the President's Secretary, who in turn informed the Prime Minister, Rahim felt that he had been treated unfairly.

Rahim revealed that he had paid a hefty fine of 75 lakhs and was released without any further charges. Frustrated by what he perceived as an unjust ordeal, he decided to vote against the government, emphasizing his belief that he had been let down in a time of need.

"Why should I continue supporting the government when they failed to assist me in such an injustice? If they cannot protect me during such circumstances, there is no reason for me to align with the government. Hence, I cast my vote against them," Rahim stated.

It remains to be seen how Rahim's revelation and his decision to vote against the government will impact his future interactions with the administration.