Businessman Dinesh Schaffter's Body Exhumed: Investigations Underway To Determine Cause Of Death

The body of the late businessman Dinesh Schaffter, who met an untimely demise under perplexing circumstances last year at the Borella cemetery, has been exhumed as part of ongoing investigations into his death.

A five-member special medical board, entrusted with unraveling the circumstances surrounding Schaffter's demise, had made a formal request to the Colombo Magistrate's Court to exhume his body, aiming to shed light on the cause of his tragic passing.

Responding to the request, the Magistrate's Court granted permission for the exhumation process, which was conducted with the utmost care and under the watchful eye of special police protection.

The examination of his exhumed body, carried out by the specialized medical board, will provide insights into the potential cause of his tragic fate and help investigators piece together the sequence of events leading to his demise.