Eran Requests Past and Present Presidents to Make Their Asset Declarations Public and Set Example

In a parliamentary session held today, MP Eran Wickramaratne, a member of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, made a significant appeal to the current president and former presidents to publicly disclose their asset and liability statements. He emphasized that such a move would serve as a powerful example for the entire country.

While presenting the Assets and Liabilities Amendment Bill, Wickramaratne highlighted the importance of leading by example, stating that if presidents take the initiative to make their financial disclosures public, it would create a ripple effect, compelling ministers, MPs, and government officials to follow suit.

Addressing the assembly, Wickramaratne said, "A country's transformation is not solely driven by legislation. Setting an example is equally crucial. I urge the current president to request former presidents to disclose their asset and liability statements. We have two former presidents present in this assembly. By doing so, ministers, officials, and MPs will be compelled to follow suit. This is how a country evolves."

Transparency in the declaration of assets and liabilities by public officials has long been a subject of debate and a key concern for promoting good governance. MP Wickramaratne's call for presidents, both past and present, to make their financial information public aims to foster transparency and accountability at the highest levels of government.