Bus Driver Attacked with Urine-filled Bottle at Minuwangoda Bus Station

A bus driver belonging to the Divulapitiya SLTB Depot fell victim to an appalling act of assault when an unidentified individual attacked him with a plastic bottle filled with urine at the Minuwangoda bus station today.

The targeted driver, operating the SLTB bus en route to Kurunegala, immediately reported the incident to the local authorities, according to the Minuwangoda Police. Senior officers from the area confirmed to media that the assault occurred while the Langama bus was temporarily halted at the bus station to pick up passengers.

Investigations conducted by the police have revealed that the driver of a privately owned bus from Colombo was responsible for the reprehensible act. It is believed that the private bus driver had allegedly urinated into a bottle and employed it as a weapon during the attack.

In a cooperative effort, the SLTB bus driver promptly provided the police with the identification details of the private passenger bus involved in the incident.

Law enforcement officials have been informed that the urine attack took place amidst a supposed dispute between the two drivers while they were loading passengers onto their respective buses.