Channel 4 Allegations: Retired SC Judge to Chair One Committee, PSC to Investigate Easter Sunday Allegations

September 10, 2023

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken decisive action in response to allegations raised by Channel 4 regarding the Easter Attacks. The President announced the formation of a committee, to be chaired by a retired Supreme Court judge, to conduct a thorough inquiry into the allegations.

The allegations, which have been strongly denied by Sri Lanka's Defence Ministry, have sparked concerns and debates across the nation. Additionally, another set of allegations made by a former Attorney General suggesting the existence of a mastermind behind the Easter attacks has prompted the government to establish a Parliamentary Select Committee to investigate further.

The President's office has confirmed that the reports from both investigations, the Presidential Commission on the Easter bomb attack and the Parliamentary Select Committee, will be presented to parliament once completed. President Wickremesinghe emphasized that any final decisions regarding these allegations will be made after careful consideration of these reports.