Tragedy Strikes as 20-Year-Old Loses Life While Riding Roof of Overcrowded Train Amid Railway Strike

September 12, 2023

In a devastating incident that unfolded today, a 20-year-old individual lost his life while attempting to travel on the roof of a train running from Kandy to Colombo. This tragic event occurred amidst the chaos caused by an unexpected railway strike initiated by certain railway Trade Unions.

The strike, which came without prior warning, led to the cancellation of 36 train services and significant delays for countless passengers. The sudden disruption left commuters scrambling to find alternative modes of transportation, resulting in overcrowding on many trains.

In a desperate attempt to reach their destinations, some passengers resorted to dangerously riding on the roofs of overcrowded trains. Tragically, one young person lost their life after a fall from the roof of the Kandy to Colombo train.