Audit Report Exposes Lavish Spending by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau at Saudi Arabia Trade Fair: Over Rs. 1 million to Buy Ribbons, Scissors 

September 13, 2023

A recent audit report reveals that the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has spent more than ten lakh rupees only to buy ribbons, scissors, candles and a tray for the opening of a stall in Sri Lanka at a trade fair held in Saudi Arabia.

According to the report, this trade fair was held from May 09 to 12, 2022, and nine crore rupees were approved for its expenses in December 2021, but on March 29, 2022, more than twelve crore rupees were allocated for it.

This amount was originally allotted for a space of 250 square meters, but later it was reduced to 150 square meters saying that due to economic difficulties.

It is also mentioned in the report that, despite the reduction of the space, instead of reducing the basic cost, an additional 5,823,000 rupees have been spent.