Update on MP Uddika Premaratne Shooting: Lack of CCTV Footage Hampers Investigation, CID Takes Charge

September 18, 2023

The investigation into the recent shooting incident involving Anuradhapura District Member of Parliament, Uddika Premaratne, has faced a significant setback due to the absence of crucial CCTV footage. The incident, which occurred outside the MP's residence in Anuradhapura, has raised concerns about the safety of public figures in Sri Lanka.

Disturbingly, it has been confirmed that the CCTV cameras at the MP's residence were not operational at the time of the shooting. Additionally, CCTV cameras at neighboring houses, which could have potentially captured evidence related to the perpetrators, were also found to be non-functional.

This lack of surveillance footage has posed a substantial challenge to the ongoing investigation, as identifying and apprehending the individuals responsible for the attack has become considerably more difficult without this crucial evidence.

In light of these developments, the investigation into the shooting incident has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), a specialized law enforcement unit in Sri Lanka. The CID will now take charge of the case, employing its expertise and resources to uncover leads and gather evidence.