Asia Cup Defeat Leads to Unusual Act: Sri Lankan Godman Removes Indian Idols

September 18, 2023

In a rather unusual turn of events, the town of Kegalle in Sri Lanka has been buzzing with a rather peculiar news story involving a local godman (kapu mahaththaya) and the recent cricket match between Sri Lanka and India. The incident has taken a comical twist as it centers around a lost bet and a temple known for its associations with witchcraft.

It all began when the Sri Lankan cricket team faced a heavy defeat against India in the final of the Asian Cup. The defeat not only disappointed fans but also resulted in an unexpected act by a local godman.

As the story goes, the godman had made a bet with a friend in a temple known for its witchcraft practices in the area. He had confidently declared that Sri Lanka would emerge victorious in the final match against India.

However, the outcome was far from what the godman had anticipated, as the Sri Lankan cricket team experienced a significant loss in the match. This turn of events left the godman's friends in a perplexing situation, as they had to confront the reality of their team's defeat.

In response to the defeat and in accordance with the terms of the bet, the godman and his friends made a rather amusing decision. Nearly all the deities and statues representing Indian culture in the temple were removed, effectively leaving the temple devoid of these idols.