Sri Lanka's Head Groundsman Godfrey Dabare's Selfless Gesture: Forgoes His Share of Reward to Support Ground Staff

September 18, 2023

In a heartwarming display of selflessness and appreciation for his dedicated team, Godfrey Dabare, the Head Groundsman of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), has chosen to forgo his share of the USD 50,000 bonus awarded by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and SLC. The bonus was presented to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of the ground staff during the recently concluded Asia Cup.

The decision to allocate the bonus money to the ground staff instead of retaining a personal share was a testament to Dabare's unwavering commitment to his team and the recognition of their tireless work under challenging conditions.

The ACC, in recognition of the remarkable work carried out by the ground staff, presented the USD 50,000 bonus to Godfrey Dabare. However, rather than keeping the reward for himself, Dabare opted to share the recognition and financial benefit with the dedicated individuals who played a pivotal role in maintaining the cricketing venues during the Asia Cup.

The ground staff's efforts are often unsung heroes of the cricketing world, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that matches take place smoothly and that the playing conditions are optimal. Their dedication, often in challenging weather conditions, contributes significantly to the success of cricket events.