Twin Attacks on Parliamentarians in 24 Hours: Ganesan Demands Urgent Action from Speaker, Police Minister

September 18, 2023

Member of Parliament (MP) Mano Ganesan has raised serious concerns following two separate attacks on parliamentarians that occurred within a single day. The incidents have sent shockwaves through the political landscape, prompting calls for swift and comprehensive action to ensure the safety of elected officials.

The first incident involved an attack on MP S. Kajendran in Trincomalee, while the second incident unfolded as a shoot-out targeting MP Iddika Premaratne in Anuradhapura. Both incidents, occurring within such a short span, have raised alarm among lawmakers and the public alike.

MP Mano Ganesan, a prominent figure in Sri Lankan politics, wasted no time in addressing these disturbing events. He urged Public Security Minister Tiran Alles to consider both incidents with equal gravity, emphasizing the critical need for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding these attacks.

In response to MP Ganesan's concerns, Minister Alles assured that both incidents were receiving the full attention of law enforcement agencies. He vowed that every effort would be made to swiftly identify and apprehend those responsible for the attacks.

Additionally, MP Ganesan took the initiative to engage with the Speaker of Parliament, underlining the significance of ensuring the safety and security of elected representatives. The attacks on parliamentarians are not only deeply troubling but also underscore the need for measures to protect the democratic institutions of the nation.