“What Gibberish to Deceive People?” SJB Harsha de Silva Hits Out at Nalinda Jayathissa's IMF Statement

September 27, 2023

SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva took to Twitter to challenge former JVP MP Nalinda Jayathissa's recent statement regarding a future NPP government's approach to the IMF. Jayathissa had mentioned that the NPP would collaborate with the IMF while respecting the people's mandate.

De Silva responded with a tweet that expressed skepticism, stating, "What gibberish to deceive people of #SriLanka! Having voted against the IMF program, having opposed every piece of reform and totally opposed to Central Bank independence (I heard their econ advisor calling it to be completely politicized; their ideology). Best to be honest noh?"

This exchange highlights differing opinions on economic policies and international collaborations, setting the stage for potential debates in Sri Lanka's political landscape.