Three Arrested In Tamil Nadu For Trying To Smuggle Cannabis To Sri Lanka

September 24, 2014

Police on Tuesday arrested three persons in Tamil Nadu in connection with smuggling ganja (cannabis) to Sri Lanka and also recovered Indian Rs 5 million worth contraband from them.

Tamil Nadu Police said they were on a look out for four other members of the gang.

Acting on a tip-off that a plan to smuggle ganja to Sri Lanka was underway, police intercepted a car transporting 100 kg of Ganja in 47 bundles and packed in five gunny bags, each weighing 20 kg, 'Q' branch Inspector Kennedy has told Indian media.

Three persons in the car were arrested, while four others who had come to buy the narcotic from them escaped. The car was seized and a case was registered against seven persons, including the car owner.

Kennedy has also told media that the gang had procured the contraband from a person in Madurai and planned to smuggle it to Sri Lanka.

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