Dilan Perera Lashes Out At Election Monitors On Post-election Violence

September 26, 2014

Minister of Foreign Employment Dilan Perera has said that the election monitors are biased and they acted in favour of  the UNP when it came to incidents of post-election violence following the Uva Provincial Council Election.

In a joint statement CMEV, CAFFE and PAFFREL election monitors reported a total of nine incidents of post-election violence after September 20. The organizations reported that certain members of the UPFA were carrying out these attacks against the opposition parties and their supporters.

Minister Dilan Perera was one of the UPFA members who were accused of harassing the opposition in the Hali Ela area. UNP Chief Ministerial Candidate Harin Fernando's motorcade came under attack in Hali-ela just a day after the election. Minister Dilan Perera acts as the UPFA Organizer for Hali-ela electorate. 

Speaking to BBC Sandeshaya Dilan Perera said that he was not involved in any form of election violence or election law violations and that the elections monitors are acting as supporters of the UNP.

“We do not want to assault anyone, but anyone who tries to harm us would not go unpunished either”, he said.

The electorate of Haliela, the constituency of Minister Dilan Perera, was won by the UNP with a thin margin at the recently held Provincial Council election.

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