The Lawyers For A Just Society Request Pope To Postpone Visit

The Lawyers for a Just Society has written to Pope Francis stating that the people’s democratic right could be violated if a snap presidential election is called before the Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka. Therefore, the movement has requested the Pope to postpone the planned Sri Lanka visit due to the possibility of a premature presidential election, BBC has reported.

Convener of Lawyers for a Just Society Shiral Lakthilaka has told BBC that it has two concerns with regard to a snap election before Pope’s visit. Firstly, it can be used as a ploy to attract the Catholic vote in the country towards the UPFA. Secondly, it will mean that the election campaign period will be very short, which will be disadvantageous to the opposition.

As a result, the organization said, the democratic rights of the people of Sri Lanka have been violated.

However, during his visit to Rome, President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday formally invited His Holiness Pope Francis to visit Sri Lanka.

President has briefed the Pope on several issues including the resettlement, rehabilitation and socialization of former combatants after the conflict, de-mining, infrastructure development and mega development projects in the north and east provinces.

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