Champika Pooh-Poohs Fonseka's Conspiracy Claims

Minister of Technology and Research Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the Democratic Party led by Sarath Fonseka has ‘adopted’ an illusion that there was a ‘conspiracy’ against his party during the Uva Provincial Council Election.

“In reality what happened was that they were unable to secure a single seat from the Uva Province”, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka Said.  

Writing to a weekend newspaper the Technology and Research Minster said that the Democratic Party was able to ‘collect a few votes’ in the Western and Southern Provincial Council Elections, and that too from the people who were disappointed with the United National Party.

“The Democratic Party has set the bar high themselves out of poor judgement when the reason was evident to the naked eye that a majority of the votes they received during the Western and Southern Provincial Council Elections were from UNP supporters who were disappointed with the UNP’s inability to win a single election”, Minister Ranawaka said.

Minister Ranawaka pointed out that the people’s expectation was never the Democratic Party’s victory.

“It is my firm belief that if the United National Party takes a step to the road of victory without changing their strategies and policies it will destroy the Democratic Party”, he said.

Speaking to media earlier Democratic Party Leader Sarath Fonseka said that certain parties have plotted to ‘wipe away’ his party from politics as they pose a major threat to the present government.

Fonseka said that he was aware of a plot to infiltrate election counting centres and sabotage the Democratic Party’s result. He added that this ‘plot’ was put into motion with the government’s consent.


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