Government Looking To Get JVP's Support For Presidential Election?

In an interesting turn of events, certain media reports have stated that the government is looking to get the support of the JVP ahead of the forthcoming Presidential election. 

It has been reported that two key members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party are to hold discussions with the JVP with regards to this matter.

The JVP had earlier decided not to support a common candidate and not to contest the election if President Mahinda Rajapaksa was contesting.

However, the JVP had stated that it was illegal for Rajapaksa to contest for a third term and therefore the party would mobilize people against such a step by the president.

The JVP has not officially given its response to the media reports claiming the JVP and The SLFP are to hold discussions. 

In a public meeting in Colombo a fee days ago, JVP former Parliamentarian K.D. Lalkantha said the JVP wplould take necessary action if President Mahinda Rajapaksa contested for the third term. 

"We are not afraid of President Rajapaksa. But, what he is doing at the moment is 'ugly'. That is our main concern. If he wants to contest for the third term, he should go back to Parliament and get the necessary laws passed. The government says it has the two thirds majority in Parliament. So that should not be a problem for the ruling party," Lalkantha said.

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