Johnston Fernando's Brewery And Warehouse Sealed By Police

Wayamba Distilleries, a brewery of which former Minister Johnston Fernando is a stakeholder, was sealed by the police today (19).

Asian Mirror reliably learns that a warehouse belonging to the Wayamba Distilleries has also been sealed by the police along with the brewery.

The police is yet to issue a statement to media as to why the brewery and warehouse was shutdown.

Meanwhile police yesterday arrested eight suspects from a liquor storage in Dematogoda who were storing 60 000 bottles of unlicensed liquor which were produced in the same brewery. The police also apprehended four lorries which were used to transport the unlicensed liquor.

Upon further investigations it was found that the Storage in  Dematagoda has functioned without proper license.

The police raided the storage facility in Dematogoda under a court order and it was learnt that the storage belonged to a close associate of Fernando.

(Hasitha Ayeshmantha)

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