Lal Teer Seed Limited Of Bangladesh To Improve Vegetable Seeds Production In Sri Lanka

Although several institutions in the country are producing vegetable seeds a large portion of the requirement is imported.

Thus, a joint project by Department of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and Lal Teer Seed Limited of Bangladesh for increasing improved vegetable seeds production in Sri Lanka to be implemented. The project is planned to be implemented as a solution in the premises of Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailluppallama. The funds are provided by the said institute and Department of Agriculture should provide the land. Accordingly, the proposal made by Duminda Dissanayake, Minister of Agriculture, to sign the MoU, implement the proposed project and to authorize the Director General of Agriculture to sign the MoU, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Meanwhile, Seed Conservation Unit of the Plant Genetic Resources Centre, Gannoruwa also to be improved with comprised of a Conservation Unit along with 16 rooms. The centre was established in 1989 with Japanese aid and currently it conserves about 14500 seed samples. It provides conserved seeds for researchers and who are engaged in traditional agriculture.

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