IPM - TVRLS Certification Programme In Competency Mapping Adds Value To HR Professionals And Organizations

IPM Sri Lanka – the Nation's leader in human resource management – has signed up with TV Rao Learning Institute, India to conduct their Certification programme in Competency Mapping and will be conducting the first programme from 24th to 26th July at the IPM Head Office "HR House" in Polhengoda, Colombo 5. The programme will be conducted in collaboration with TVRLS which is a leading professional HR education provider and certification body in India. The Certificate programme in Competency Mapping has been designed specifically for Certified HR Auditors, HR professionals, Line managers/Unit heads, Supervisors and Recruitment & Selection Managers who have a minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in Human Resource Management.

“Competency mapping is important to organizations in many ways, the most important being to ensure that individuals have the necessary behavioral characteristics to successfully engage in a specific role. This has far reaching implications in individual, organizational and HR contexts including having the right people in the right place which is a fundamental success factor of any organization be it private, public or Government sector” said Dhammika Fernando, Chairman Consultancy and Training Committee of IPM Sri Lanka.

Competency Mapping is the process of identifying the key competency needs of an organization and/or a specific job/role and incorporating those competencies throughout the many HR processes such as job evaluation, training and recruitment where competencies differ from skills and abilities and refers to behavior such as communication and leadership. Competency mapping helps to establish a level of objectivity that encourages open communication between management and employees. It also helps to establish a common base by which managers are able to communicate more effectively with employees on what is necessary and what constitutes success in a job while appraising performance more objectively. Competency mapping is also important in career and succession planning.

The IPM Certificate Programme in Competency Mapping is a 3-day course/workshop and will be conducted by the renowned HR guru and Co-Founder of TVRLS - India Dr. T. V. Rao as the expert lead facilitator and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of TVRLS Nandini Chawla. Each successful participant will receive a certificate from IPM/TVRLS.

The Programme will comprise of 6 course modules which will cover the introduction to competencies and competency mapping, generating behavior indicators, behavioral interviews and methods of competency mapping, competency framework, models and dictionary, and competency based HRM deployments in organizations. The delivery methodology will consist of reading materials, lectures and conceptual inputs, assignments and exercises for each module, and watching and learning through videos.

More information on the programme, fee structure etc can be obtained by contacting Pinsiri (077 780 2901) or by visiting the IPM Sri Lanka website www.ipmlk.org

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