M. Safeer's 'Swings Of Love' To Pune

November 08, 2017

The world premiere of renown dramatist and experimental playwright M. Safeer's latest international production 'Swings of love' to be held at the “IAPAR International Theatre Festival” on 8 November at Pune. The play was written by Manjula Wediwardana (translated into English by Dilini Eriyawala) and stars Italian actress Julia Filippo. Themed on femininity and love 'Swings of love' is a co-production of Inter Act Art – Sri Lanka and Itínera – Italy. 

Julia Filippo, is an Italian artist with international stage experiences who has studied physical theater in France and graduated from the school “Arsenale” of Milan - Lecoq method. Sujeewa Pathinisekera, Jeewanthi Perera, A.K.Rojan, Tharushi Kavindi and Ishan Udayanga also to accompany M. Safeer. Safeer and Filippo will also to conduct workshops on ‘Movement theatre’ and ‘Acting’ for the university students in Pune. 'Swings of love' also to be staged at Korean International Dio​Performing Arts Festival in Seoul on November 15-20.

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