God Father Of Sri Lankan Baila 'Wally Bastian' Celebrated

November 23, 2017

In commemoration of the Godfather of Sinhala Baila, late Wally Bastian, the "Celebrating Wally 'A festive Tribute to the King of Baila'" to be held at the Bishop's College Auditorium on January 25 at 7.00 pm.

Augustus Martheneus Bastiansz, widely known as Wally Bastians, who developed the style of chorus baila is a legendary Sri Lannkan singer, guitarist, violinist and banjo player, is recognized as the pioneer of Hela Baila. All of his songs dealt with day-today life and simple people. Bastians had eight siblings and served as a police officer attached to the traffic division.

Irene Josephine Rosaline, Nona Mage Nurse Nona, Kussi Amma Sera, Hai Hui Babi Achchige, Yaman bando, Le Kiri Karala, Sada Sulan Hamanne and Wada Kaha Sudiya are among his best known songs.

Saman de Silva, Ronnie Leach, Mariusel, Baila Santi and many other singers will participate the concert. The concert is organized by Chethana Ranasinghe, a great granddaughter of Bastians's.

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