Jackson Anthony To Kerala Cinema

November 28, 2017

Jackson Anthony is to debut in Malayalam movie industry which is also known as Mollywood from December. He will be starring in a movie by well-known Malayalam cinema director Anil Kumar. 

Anthony, who has won the best actor award 16 times, is one of the most eminent actors in the Sri Lankan movie industry. Since his debut in 'Gurugedra' he has starred in 25 films. His latest movie 'Dharmayuddhaya' was well received.

In the upcoming movie, Jackson plays the role of an elderly man who is married to a younger wife. The movie concludes with a tragedy. Yet to name movie is produced by Beena Unnikrishnan. The movie is to film in both Tamil and Malayalam languages. Unlike traditional Kerala movies the movie will be shot in the beautiful areas in Lucknow.

Kumar is one of the most prolific film directors of the Kerala cinema. His films are known for their visually appealing shots and always well received in India. He has been active in Mollywood, since his directorial debut Anantha Vruthantham in 1989. Kumar has directed more than 31 films including his famous work 'Manthrikan', 'Hide N Seek' and 'Climax'.

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