Dragon Vs Monkey King

The Dragon of the Eastern Sea has landed….in the South of the Resplendent Isle. He looks awesome, but at present he seems calm and diplomatic. However, we know that, if attacked or provoked, he can easily breath fire and destroy anything around, burning down villages, towns, houses and even human beings, to gain what he wants. This fire-breathing ability is possibly the most dangerous aspect of this being.

The powerful octopuses, who helped to bring about a massive change in public opinion and hence in the governance of this resplendent Isle, do not appear to take kindly to the entry of this magnificent fire-breathing creature upon its shores. These super octopuses, who have their scheming tentacles spread around the world, especially in the Global South, seem to be monitoring the situation with deep suspicion. Unable to poke their blood-soaked appendages into this situation, they went in search of a cat’s paw to do their dirty work.

They found that the Monkey King seemed alert to the situation and interested in poking its snout into matters, not its business, in its neighbourhood. Earlier, the Monkey King collaborated, for his own ends, with the octopus-inspired transformation which occurred on the Island. For many years, he had boundary disputes with the Dragon of the Eastern Sea, resulting in several battles. The irritation still persists, the Dragon, recently, issuing an ultimatum to the Monkey King to remove his simian cohorts in the strategic snowy mountains.

The Monkey King’s vision of having servile satellites around is well known. He also seems to be interested in gaining access to the unused and “rusted” oil tanks in the East of the Island. His simian cohorts are very familiar with the terrain, having already been there in the guise of a warrior coming to rescue a damsel in distress. Coupled with his resentment towards the Eastern Dragon, his interest in rusted objects made him an ideal cat’s paw to the super octopuses. Now the Monkey King is all set to land in the East. Meanwhile he has also been offered a vital area in the South close to the place where the Eastern Dragon had landed.

How did this complicated situation come about? As in 1815 we ourselves invited these profit and power seeking forces with open arms to spite the so-called enemies. This situation seem to be very familiar to us when going through world history. Similar situation arose in Europe, especially in the Balkans when two camps – Central powers comprising Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey on one side and Allied Powers namely France, Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan on the other side went at each others jugular to acquire more colonies or territories, and of course resources. The result was the calamitous First World War. A similar political background caused the Second World War too. There were two powerful camps trying to outdo each other to gain more profits for themselves.

At present ,unknown to everyone, a similar uncertain political situation is in the offing: unfortunately, the Monkey King, with the backing of the Super-powered Octopuses on one hand, and the fire-breathing Eastern Dragon and its nuclear-rich followers on the other, seem to be waiting to grab each others' jugulars. Both sides seem to be gradually extending their power around the world at large.

With the entrance to the southern part of this precious land, the Dragon will gradually increase its influence up the country northwards Meanwhile the Monkey King with his burning tail and also backed by super octopuses, is expected enter from the East and come down to the South.

What will happen next is anybody’s guess!

The 1815 betrayal changed the history, lifestyle and the economy decisively for the worse; the 2015 change seem to be effectively helping the break up of the land. And when the two power blocs meet each other in the central hills it will be the end of the country as well as the world at large. In this context there seem to be a missing link for a global conflagaration to occure. An Archduke Franz Ferdinand should arrive in the scene to be assassinated by a nationalist for that situation to happen.

By Vijaya Ariyarathna

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