Oh Democracy ! What crimes are committed in thy name!

During the siege of Hué, in the Vietnam War, an American officer said “In order to save Hué, we had to destroy it.

”Today, it is necessary to save Democracy from the very people who, claiming that they came to save it, seek to destroy it.

If Abraham Lincoln happened to be in Sri Lanka at present, he would change his famous quote to “Democracy is the government of the NGOs, US, UK and India, Tamil diaspora and most of all wannabe crooks, by them and for them.”

Democracy today, especially in Sri Lanka, has turned out to be a convenient word used by crafty political miscreants to dupe the innocent general public into believing in a future world full of gold nuggets. They use democracy to grab power and, once there, they start enjoying the perks and the other advantages; consequently never wanting to leave their newly found pot of gold.

What is the best way to remain in power forever? Through Parliament, of course, which is governed by a dictatorship of the majority.

Having entered this hallowed precinct, they enjoyed life in it, and tend to forget how they pleaded with the voters for their assent for their unworkable plans to bring about the so-called future wellbeing of the Nation. They are Lords onto themselves and behave as if they are duty-bound to stay in power forever.

Dear Democracy! So many inhuman and cold-blooded actions are done in thy name! Superpowers and rich nations have shown how these acts can be committed using, Democracy as a secure shield; Libya, Syria, and Iraq being cases in point. Now they have turned advisors to the Sri Lankan foxes in sheep’s clothing.

Can anyone with a clear conscience accept this present unethical situation?

Polls Phobia? What is the cure for this ailment? Is the best cure to put off the polls on some flimsy excuse? Else face the bitter music of the people at large, who have already decided to create a polls tsunami?

This is the dilemma the present powers that be and their bootlicking hangers-on are faced with today. “To be or not to be.” Shakespeare might be more than delighted to portray one of the Yahapalana characters as Prince Hamlet!

The famous Uncle who with his “Lamp and Pot” game, put the people’s verdict to shame, had to learn a bitter lesson as an aftermath. Now the Nephew too is trying to play the same game, in a different way, using “Democracy” as a protective shield.

Prominent Individuals with a clear conscience have realized the underlying motives and have decided to do the right thing.

The Exodus has begun! One by one they seem to be joining the “Noah’s Ark”, for the sake of survival when the disastrous polls tsunami arrives.

After renouncing the old faiths and traditions, a third generation member of the family of the “Great Helmsman”  has joined the journey to the Promised Land, as he too has realized the present yahapalana route would end in a state of chaos.

The future is uncertain. The reigning powers are undecided and clueless, like Prince Hamlet. “To be or not to be”.

In this complicated situation where Democracy is used to hoodwink the voters a quote by the war-winning British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill seem to be very appropriate.

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

He will give you the correct reply, Mr Yahapalanaya!

By Vijaya Ariyarathne

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