Tamils Defy Army Ban - Dead LTTE Fighters Commemorated In Kilinochchi

Defying the ban imposed by the Sri Lankan Army, Tamils in the North had commemorated former LTTE cadres yesterday (18) in their private events of mourning. Tamil media reported today. 

Global Tamil News today carried a picture of a commemoration that took place in Kilinochchi where Tamils in the North lit candles and remembered the dead.Tamil Guardian and Uthayan carried pictures of commemorations that took place in Jaffna and Battocaloa with the participation of TNA representatives. 
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In addition, various events of commemoration were held yesterday in capital cities across the world. where there is a huge Tamil presence. 
Uthayan newspaper office and the TNA media office were surrounded by the Army yesterday as a proactive measure to avoid "potential incudents", military sources told 'Asian Mirror' yesterday. A large military presence was seen in the area yesterday since morning and the Army kept a close eye on civilian activities throughput the day. 
Some Tamil publications accused the Army of surrounding Hindu places of worship such as Nallur and Keerimalai temples blocking access to Tamils. However, the Sri Lankan Army denied allegations that it blocked access to Hindu places of worship to avoid commemoration of ex-LTTE militants. 
The government also took measures to close down the University of Jaffna earlier this month ahead of the "Victory Day" in order to prevent students from commemorating LTTE members who were killed during the final stage of war. 


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