I Was Molested At 6, Raped At 12, Reveals Pamela Anderson

In her appalling speech at a charitable event, Pamela Anderson revealed her horrifying history of sexual abuse at a tender age as well as in her early teens.

'I did not have an easy childhood. Despite loving parents, I was molested from age six by a female babysitter', Pamela Anderson said at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation, at the Cannes Film Festival.

Pamela Anderson revealed that she was molested at the age of six by her babysitter, raped at the age of 12 and gang raped at the age of 12. 

"I went to a friend's boyfriend's house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon which led into a back massage, which led into rape. My first heterosexual experience," she said. 

She later added that the man was 25 years old while she was only 12.

Talking about the gang rape, the Playboy cover girl added that a school friend thought that it would be funny to gang-rape her with six friends.

'I wanted off this earth', said Pamela Anderson.

The Baywatch actress delivered her valiant speech in front of 200 guests. (India Today)

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