SLFP Wants President Sirisena To Contest Back In 2020

The SLFP Ministers have unanimously decided to put forward President Maithripala Sirisena as the SLFP’s presidential candidate in 2020. The decision was taken at the weekly meeting held last Tuesday with the participation of SLFP Ministers.

At the meeting Ministers had also consulted the President with regard to it. Nevertheless reports say that the President had not given his response to the matter yet.

President’s plans for the 2017 had also been presented at this meeting.

There, SLFP constitutional committee briefed SLFP Ministers on matters related to constitutional changes. Followed by this, they took some policy decisions on behalf of the SLFP, which includes:

  • The unitary status of should be protected and no changes to be made to that provision
  • There should be no merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces.
  • There should be no change to provisions in the Constitution with regard to Buddhism.
  • No referendum should be held for adopting a constitution. The SLFP is for provisions which require only a two thirds vote in Parliament.
  • There should be a full implementation of the 13th amendment in granting devolution of Power.
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