Nishanka Nanayakkara Appointed New Litro Gas Lanka Chairman: Replaces Shalila Moonasinghe

Nishanka Nanayakkara has been appointed the new Chairman of Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. by the Public Enterprises Development Ministry today, replacing Shalila Moonasinghe who was removed from his position on October 11.

Shalila Moonasinghe was arrested on October 9 for his connection with a Taiwanese bank heist that saw USD 60 billion swiped by hackers and remitted into bank accounts at least three other countries, including Sri Lanka.

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. was quick to distance itself from Moonasinghe saying they had no connection or knowledge of the incident - the Public Enterprises Development Ministry followed up by removing Moonasinghe as Chairman.

Moonasinghe was produced before Court and remanded till October 25.



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