Tense Situation Erupts In Kalutara When A Man Opposes Police Trying To Fill A VIPs Car With Petrol [VIDEO]

A tense situation arose in Kalutara when a man opposed police trying to fill up a VIP car with petrol.

The angry man is seeing questioning the police, asking them what right they had to jump the queue to fill up petrol for the VIP.

“How can you?,” he can be seen asking. “Ask these people, how long have we been in the queue – how can you jump the line?” he asks of the policemen.

When questioned as to who he is, he retorts, “I am a Sri Lankan.”

He also accuses the police of forgetting that they are funded by the people – “The police is our money,” he can be heard saying.

He also counters the police explanation that they were filling up the vehicle as an “essential service” by disagreeing with the police that it was an essential service.

“What you are doing is wrong,” he can be heard saying – “ this is (so-and-so’s) son’s vehicle, you think we don’t know that?” he asks.

It is unclear if the vehicle was topped up with fuel or sent away from the station due to the opposition of the man and the people he was defending.







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