SAITM Union Says 800 Students Face Stark Uncertainty: Urges Government To Give Speedy Final Solution

SAITM Medical Graduates Association and SAITM Medical Students Action Committee urged the government to arrive at a speedy solution on the SAITM issue as there was a sense of uncertainty over their future. 

Issuing a statement, the association said the issue has caused great distress to the students of the organisation. 

The statement says, "The court of appeal gave a directive to provisionally register the SAITM graduates as the decision of CA Writ 187/16 and currently after SLMC appealed to the supreme courts; the matter of obtaining provisional registration by the SLMC for the medical graduates is before the supreme courts of Sri Lanka. However with the AG’s department lawyer producing the presidential committee recommendations to the supreme courts, the court proceedings are being unduly delayed and furthermore our professional careers have been put on hold.

The 900 students at SAITM face a stark uncertainty about their future with the new entity yet to be finalized to succeed the process of their education after the abolishment of SAITM.

Subsequent to a 10 month boycott of lectures the State medical faculty students have resumed their academic activities after the abolition of SAITM with a clear path ahead to finish their academic work and proceed with their careers. However the SAITM medical graduates and students after the completion of 8 years of medical education and training are yet to receive any substantial evidence securing our future from the government of Sri Lanka.

We have studied under prominent academics with many years of experience in the state medical faculties. We have undergone 7 years of training and faced a final MBBS exam with the participation of eminent external examiners who have given written feedback ascertaining our quality

This long standing uncertainty and mental trauma has been extremely distressing for our graduates and students and has taken the toll in form of certain students and graduates being depressed and contemplating drastic action. Responsibility of any such repercussion should be borne by all parties responsible for our future as Sri Lankan citizens who enrolled to a UGC recognized program of study.

As children of mother lanka we are eligible to our freedom of education to follow a course of study of our choice under stipulated conditions and we urge the government to adhere to their principle of establishing freedom of education to all.

As the most affected party in this crisis, we have continuously requested a hearing with His Excellency the president of Sri Lanka and the presidential committee appointed to implement the government proposals. However we are greatly disappointed by the fact that all the other parties have been heard in solving this issue other than us."

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