"If You Want To Sell Yourself Make Sure You Do That At A Good Price:" Wimal Tells Crossover MPs

National Freedom Front Leader Wimal Weerawansa said those who cross over to the government get a good price. 

"If the intention is selling yourself, make sure that you get a good price," Weerawansa said, addressing a public meeting yesterday. 

"Rumours are doing rounds. They spread various rumours from time to time, about possible crossovers. Some have said I too was going to cross over!" he added. 

"One person who has talked about my alleged crossover is S.B. Dissanayake. SB thinks I am like him." 

"I must say, although we are hungry, we don't eat poop!" Weerawansa stressed. 

He also added that the current government had no economic strategy but to sell the national assets of the country. 

"Prime Minister Wickremesinghe's life-mission is to commercialise every asset and make money. We all saw how proud he was to hold a cheque after selling the Hambantota port," he added. 

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