Namal Says Govt Planning To Bring Port City Bill To Parliament Through 'Backdoor': But Comment Backfires

Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa accused the government of attempting to introduce the Colombo International Financial City bill to Parliament through the backdroor.

"Government should give the public enough time to learn the details of the Colombo International Financial City bill. Instead, it is discreetly introducing it to Parliament through the “back door.” Rajapaksa tweeted on Saturday. 

However, it was the Rajapaksa government which came under severe criticism for proceeding with the Colombo Port City agreement without transparency. Under the initial Port City agreement signed by the Rajapaksa, a plot of land in the Port City was earmarked to be sold outright to China. 

Hence, Rajapaksa's tweet came under attack from all many a quarter on Twitter. Groundviews, a citizen journalism platform, hit back at Rajapaksa saying, "You would and your father would know a thing or two about back doors, yes."

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