Sagala Says Galle No Longer Runs The Risk Of Being Eliminated From World Heritage List

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said the Galle Fort no longer runs the risk of being eliminated from the UNESCO world heritage list as the government has adopted necessary measures to preserve and protect the site in line with international standards. 
"The Galle Fort was declared a world heritage site due to its historic and architectural value. In recent times, it ran the risk of being eliminated from the wold heritage list due to constructions contravening the UNESCO standards.  But, Soon after our government came to power, we adopted measures to ensure that the Galle Fort meets the world heritage standards. As part pf the same plan, we have earmarked 14 buildings within the fort that need to be vacated," the Minister said, after visiting the Galle Fort on Sunday (January 07).
The Ministers said some buildings would end up in deplorable conditions in the absence of such measures. He said this would be carried out while minimizing impact on the day-to-day affairs, within the fort. 
"Some allege that we plan to vacate the All Saints Central College. But they turn a blind eye to the fact that 2500 students carrying out their academic activities in a 70 acre land and to difficulties faced by them, on a daily basis. We are currently looking at measures to give a sustainable solution to all parties. It is a great victory that we managed to eliminate the risk of being eliminated from the world heritage list. Had Galle been eliminated,  it would have been an embarrassment to the entire nation," the Minister explained. 
Ratnayaka also added that he would continuously conduct progress review meetings to monitor the situation and resolve issues that arise on the run. 
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