Nimal Siripala The New Prime Minister: SLFP Launches Seemingly Troll Campaign Adding To Political Instability

The SLFP is looking into the possibility of forming a new government with the party's Senior Vice Chairman Nimal Siripala de Silva as the Prime Minister, a Cabinet minister representing the SLFP told reporters, a short while ago. 

He said the party would hold discussions with the Joint Opposition, the UNP and minority parties in this regard. 

It is still not clear whether it is a "troll" campaign to divert public attention after the party's humiliating defeat at the Local Government polls 2018. The SLFP managed to receive only a paltry 13% at the Local Government, leaving its leader and other senior officials in shock. 

The move, if serious, is likely to draw little support from all political parties as no MP with a right state of mind will support a leader of a party that got just over 12% votes to lead a government. 

"If that is the case, then it makes more sense to invite Mahinda Rajapaksa to form a government as he seems to be the most popular leader in the country at the moment," a senior UNP Parliamentarian told Asian Mirror, scoffing at the idea of the SLFP forming a government. 

"And Nimal Siripala, out of everyone?" he questioned. Nimal siripala, an SLFP Minister, who defected to President Maithripala Sirisena's side after the Presidential election in 2015, even lost the Local Government body in his hometown, last week.

The country's political instability, however, is still continuing with the two main political parties in the ruling coalition failing to announce their decision on the future of the government. 

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