Pendulum Again Swings In PM's Favour: 'Communication Channels Between President-PM Reopened Since Last Evening'

The 'pendulum' has again swung in Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's favour after the latter made a statement to media and explained his position on the current political crisis. 

Speaking to reporters at Temple Trees yesterday, the Prime Minister, looking as cool as a cucumber, said he would continue to be the Prime Minister as per the constitution and was ready to bring about party reforms to empower the next generation of leaders  in the UNP.

Informed party sources said, the Prime Minister's position in the party has become stronger following the statement. 

"He should have done this much earlier. Even some MPs were worried as there was a lot of speculation in the public domain," a senior UNP Parliamentarian said, 

"Now, everyone knows the Prime Minister will remain the party leader. The message is crystal clear. Even the ones who don't like him, have grudgingly made up their minds to work with him," he also added. 

As of now, the UNP has again come back to the 'driving seat' and is confident that the current government will continue after a Cabinet reshuffle early next week. 

Multiple UNP sources confirm this morning that the channels of communication between the President and the Prime Minister have been reopened since last evening. 

As a result, the chances of a new UPFA-JO government are now diminishing. 

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