Cabinet Reshuffle Further Delayed As Several Ministers Refuse To Step Down From Their Current Portfolios

The proposed Cabinet reshuffle has been delayed as some Ministers in the UNP have refused to move away from their current portfolios, government sources said. 

The Cabinet reshuffle was scheduled to take place on Wednesday. However, it has been postponed until the UNP irons out differences of opinion over the changes. 

It is learnt that one senior Minister is displeased with his new ministry and refusing to step down from his current portfolios. The disgruntled Minister is likely to be appointed as a Minister of Special Assignments.

Another cause of delay is the different views on institutions coming under these ministries. 

According to informed government sources, the Ministry of Law and Order, the Ministry of Highways, the Ministry of State Enterprises and the Ministry of Agriculture will undergo drastic changes at the reshuffle.

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