Foreign Correspondents Of SL Raise Grave Concerns Over CID Summons On Azzam Ameen For Reweeting PMD Tweet

The Foreign Correspondents Association (FCA) of Sri Lanka raised grave concerns over the CID's move to summon BBC journalist in Colombo Azzam Ameen for retweeting a tweet appearing on the official Twitter profile of President Maithripala Sirisena. 

"On behalf of Foreign Correspondents’ Association (FCA) of Sri Lanka, it is with grave concern we note this is an act of creating fear psychosis among independent media who not only use the freedom of expression ethically but also not defaming anybody and keeping news to facts," Shihar Aneez of the FCA said. 

Ameen, a prominent journalist in Sri Lanka, is a member of the FCA, a representative body of foreign and international journalists working in Sri Lanka. 

It has been reported that Ameen has been asked to appear before the CID tomorrow over his tweet and comment on the President's Twitter profile. 

The BBC journalist yesterday commented and retweeted a tweet which appeared on the official twitter account of the President’s media division where the President was asked how he intends to implement some of his proposals made in Parliament.
Interestingly, the CID summoned the BBC correspondent in Colombo exactly two weeks after President Sirisena told the same news service (BBC) that media freedom was "overflowing" in Sri Lanka. 
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