SriLankan Chairman Sends Letter To Staff Stressing Need For Bringing Back Airline Into Profitability [FULL LETTER]

Ranjith Fernando, the newly appointed Chairman of the SriLankan Airlines, in a lengthy letter to his staff members, has stressed the need to change and make the  airline profitable. 

In his letter, the Chairman had said the government, the management of the airline and the staff had a collective responsibility to bring the airline back to profitability. 

Fernando, who assumed office recently following a successful career in the private sector, had said he needed strong support and commitment from all his staff members. 

He had also stated that all its chairmen in the past had made sincere efforts to make  the airline profitable. 

"The government has assured that it will not interfere with the day to day affairs of the airline," Fernando says in the letter. 

The full letter the Sri Lankan Airlines Chairman sent to his staff members is as follows, 

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