President Calls For "Combined Programme" From All Relevant Parties To Stop "Brutal Ragging" In State Universities

President Maithripala Sirisena has said a "combined programme" should be implemented by all relevant parties to eliminate what he termed the brutal ragging from the state university system.

He has talked about ragging while taking part in a ceremony at the Bandarawela Central College, with the students, today (08).

The President's Media Unit, quoting President Maithripala Sirisena, said in a statement, "In the past few years, the university students of this country had to face many unpleasant experiences due to the unethical brutal ragging."

The statement also said, "The President also stressed the need for expeditious solutions to this challenge faced by the young generation who are to take over the future of the country."

"Certain power-hungry political organizations are also behind these cruel acts and all the parties must fulfill their respective responsibilities to eradicate this student-terrorism which devastate the future of the children,"  Sirisena was quoted saying.

According to the English version of the statement, Sirisena has also stated that the government has paid "more attention" to resolve these "intolerable issues."

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