Police Suspect Former Kapurala Of Mahasen Devalaya Behind Shootout On Chief Incumbent Of Kiriwehera

Initial investigations have revealed that the reason behind the shootout targeting the Chief Incumbent of the  Kataragama Kirivehera is a dispute over the ownership of the Mahasen Devalaya, in Kataragama.

The Devalaya had been placed under the custody of Kobawaka Dhamminda Thera, Chief  Incumbent of the Kiriwehera, by a court order last year. 

The Police suspect that a former Kapurala of the temple, who was displeased with the court order, was behind the shooting incident.

Police sources said investigations were underway to apprehend the suspects involved in the incident. 

Police have taken into custody a Jeep used by the gunmen for the attack.

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