President Instructs Officials To Present Kaplitiya Development Plan To Cabinet Soon

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed officials to present the plan on development of 13 Islands of Kalpitiya to the Cabinet soon.

The President further instructed the Chief Minister of the Province Dharmasiri Dasanayaka and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Wayamba Development S.B.Nawinna to ensure that proper attention is paid to address key issues faced by the people in the area.

He gave these instructions while attending a North Western Province Action Committee held at the Madurankuliya Mercy Education Complex in Puttalam today (13).

President Sirisena, at the meeting, was also briefed on the issues faced by farmers as a result of taking over agricultural lands of the area by the Forest Conservation Department.  The President instructed the officials to provide a permanent solution to carry out agricultural activities in the area without interruption. 

The President also focused his attention on the problems that arose in the dairy sector. The President instructed officials to implement a comprehensive programme to promote dairy productions while providing solutions to the problems faced by the sector.

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