Police Launch Investigations Into 'Pidurangala Nudees' Following Social Media Outrage

September 25, 2018

The Police said it launched an investigation into those who posed for a nude photograph atop Pidurangala Rock. 

The picture, which went viral on social media, was also carried in a national newspaper. 

The  photographs resulted in a social media outrage in some circles, as the act was deemed 'sacrilegious'. 

The investigation is underway to identify those who committed the act and to initiate legal action against them. 

When asked about the basis of the investigation, the Police said Pidurangala was an ancient temple and the two youth who posed for the nude photographs had acted in a disrectful manner. 

When our reporters questioned if there was a Buddhist temple at Pidurangala at the moment, the Police said they were not aware about it. 

However, another senior Police officer told Asian Mirror under conditions of anonymity that the action against culprits would be taken under the Police Ordinance. 

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