Special Gazette Notification Likely To Launch Duterte-style Operation In Sri Lanka On Drug Offenders

A special gazette notification is likely to be issued allowing the Army to conduct operations to apprehend drug smugglers, traffickers and traders, top government sources said. 

They said the President had already discussed the matter with heads of the government and they have agreed to sought the Army's involvement to curb the drug menace. 

However, this has given rise to fears whether the Sri Lankan government is planning to emulate a Duterte-style operation on drug offenders. 

Philippine's decision to task the Army to take action on drug offenders have raised serious human rights concerns. There are speculations that the Sri Lankan government's decision to empower Army to handle drug offenders will irreparably damage the country's human rights track record. 

President Sirisena recently said he would also impose death penalty on those running drug networks from prisons. 

The proposed legislation, however, has still not come into effect so far.

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