England Hires Prasanna Jayawardena As Temporary Consultant For SL Tour: Smart Way Of Gathering Inside Info?

England has hired former Sri Lankan wicketkeeper Prasanna Jayawardena as a fielding consultant during the series against Sri Lanka. 

Jayawardena retired from international cricket several years ago and has maintained a low profile since his retirement. 

He was seen working with the English cricketers during the practice match against Sri Lanka in Colombo today. 

However, Cricket analysts describe England's move as a way of gathering in-depth information and advanced knowledge of Sri Lankan cricketers and their tactics. 

Jayawardena, a seasoned cricketer , has a nuanced understanding of the strengths and tactics of Sri Lankan cricketers who have performed relatively well in the Test format. 

They recently defeated South Africa, the ICC number 02 team, 3-0 in a home series, pulling off a stunning victory. 

They said Jayawardena, as a former wicketkeeper, may give valuable inputs to the English batsmen on tackling Sri Lanka's spinner. 

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