UNP Supporters Clad In Camouflage T Shirts Protecting Their Leader At Temple Trees: "We Came Here To Die For Him"

November 09, 2018

The UNP supporters clad in camouflage T-Shirts are currently guarding Temple Trees, the official residence of the Prime Minister, expecting a showdown with the country's law enforcement bodies "at any time". 

The new government continues to claim that Wickremesinghe, the "ousted" Prime Minister, is occupying Temple Trees illegally. Wickremesinghe, however, has refused to leave the official residence of the Prime Minister until his successor Mahinda Rajapaksa proves his Parliamentary majority.

The team clad in Camouflage T-shirts is led by Palitha Thewarapperuma, a fire-brand politician from the Kalutara district. In addition to them, a large number of party supporters from various parts of the country have camped in the vicinity of the official residence of the Prime Minister, protecting Wickremesinghe. 

Speaking to Asian Mirror, a supporter said their only duty is to protect Wickremesinghe, whom they still consider the "legal Prime Minister."

"His security has been withdrawn. His medical equipment has been withdrawn. We fear that the military or the Police will forcefully take over the Temple Trees premises, " he said. "We are ready for anything. If they want to take our lives, let them do it. But we will never abandon our leader."

He said the camouflage T-shirts gave them a miliary-like persona and a sense of assurance to the party supporters gathered at the Temple Trees premises. 

"We are even prepared to die for our leader. We came here risking our own safety" the UNP supporter, a resident of the Kalutara district, added. 

The Sri Lankan Army discouraged civilians from wearing camouflage T Shirts during the time of war due to 'security reasons'. 

Since the end of war, however, camouflage T shirts are readily available in almost every clothing store across the country. 

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