Colombo Fort Magistrate Reissues Arrest Warrant On Former Sri Lankan Ambassador To US Jaliya Wickramasuriya

The Colombo Fort Magistrate reissued the arrest warrant for Sri Lankan Ambassador in the US Jaliya Wickramasuriya. 

The arrest warrant followed a ‘B’ report filed in the Fort Magistrate’s Court against Jaliya Wickramasuriya for allegedly misappropriating USD 330,000 out of USD 6.6 million allocated for purchasing a building for the Sri Lankan Embassy in the US.

FCID arrested Wickramasuriya for accepting a USD 245,000 commission while serving as the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the US and for alleged embezzlement of funds to the tune of USD 322,027.35 during his tenure.
He was remanded on the same charges and was later released on bail.

Wickramasuriya's lawyers previously informed the Magistrate that Wickramasuriya had gone abroad for medical treatment. 

Meanwhile, Wickreamasuriya is also charged on five counts including fraud by wire, radio or television, laundering of monetary instruments, fraud and misuse of data permits and making false statements in an immigration application.

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